At MILLER ROAD we take fragrance seriously!
It's our passion and we hope to evoke some old or new fragrance memories for you as you join us on this Miller Road fragrance experience.

Every MILLER ROAD candle is hand poured in New Zealand in a boutique workroom using high-quality eco soy wax, which contain No GMO material, No paraffin, No unnatural additives and is Kosher certified.
We blend the wax with the most gorgeous fragrance oils to produce a MILLER ROAD fragrant experience and for the perfect burn, a premium pure cotton wick, zinc & lead-free all combine to produce the perfect pot of fragrant happiness for you to enjoy.

Our MILLER ROAD Mandala tells the MILLER ROAD story. Our gorgeous location in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, where we are surrounded by water, with our beautiful backdrop of Rangitoto Island - an icon of Auckland - shown around the outside edges of the mandala. Our journey and love of fragrance is shown by the roses, flower petals and droplets of fragrance oils. Moving to the centre - MILLER ROAD. Miller, my maiden name and tribute to my family circle, where my love of fragrance began, is in the heart of it all. Early inspiration came from my family’s deep connection with fragrance, from my Nanas garden and orchard to my Mums gorgeous fragrant garden, and memories of her spraying opium perfume when I was an emerging teenager, continuing through to my vintage Chanel No 5 that my father gave to my mother when I was a young child, which I am lucky enough to still have.

I have always loved beautiful fragrance my whole life. My home has always had a signature smell - from the early days of Peach potpourri and wood shavings to scented candles and diffusers.

I am inspired by Jo Malone, and after attending a masterclass in Melbourne with Michael Edwards, 'The perfume expertsʼ expert' author and industry ambassador, and a hotel stay in L.A where fragrance was pumped through the hotel ventilation system, I knew MILLER ROAD would be the perfect platform for me to share my love of fragrance by creating gorgeous candles to share, and bring a touch of daily luxury for others to enjoy.

On a recent trip to the U.K & Europe, I was thrilled to finally meet my fragrance idol, Jo Malone! I also made candles with Rachel Vosper - a leading British candle chandler and home fragrance expert. I made fragrance at an Artisan Perfumery weekend workshop with Karen Gilbert at Rhinefield House just out of London, which was very inspiring and hands on. Lastly, I was able to create my own fragrance in Grasse, 'The Perfume Capital of the World' in the South of France.

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