Let’s talk about marketing yourself and your business

Hi. We’re Michelle Euinton and Diana Ward of Web Design and Copy.

Generating more work for you and raising your profile are our priorities.

A lot of effort goes into creating effective marketing tools - your website, logo, print, signage, social media banners and more. We can’t afford to take shortcuts. It’s vital we get to know you, what you want to achieve and who your customers are. As we love hearing people’s stories and what motivates them, this is one of our favourite parts of a project!

After her website and logo launched last year, a client told us, ‘you really got me’. She shared with us positive feedback she’d received from her own clients. That’s what we always endeavour to do. Create a client who loves what we’ve done for them and whose clients respond equally as enthusiastically. It’s about projecting who you are and what you’re offering using words your clients will understand and images that will appeal to them and that also resonate with you.

While we can work to tight deadlines, we always stress that it’s a process. It requires teamwork, careful thought, research, creativity, attention to detail, and regularly checking in with each other. Are we on the same page? Are the messages as clear as we can make them? Are we doing everything we can to ensure prospective clients will find your business and engage?

We’re an experienced duo - Michelle Euinton, web and graphic designer and illustrator, and Diana Ward - writer and content producer. We understand that while some of our clients are very comfortable with the online environment, others aren’t. We adapt our approach to suit you. We endeavour to make the process of creating your website or logo as enjoyable as possible. We are responsive, open, welcome questions and encourage dialogue.

When it comes to budget, we can usually work to yours. Given that all our work is customised to your business, made solely for you, we are very affordable.

A relationship should always start with a conversation, so let’s have one. We’d love to help you market yourself, your business.

visit us at https://www.webdesignandcopy.co.nz

Listing created Sep 10, 2018

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