Dough Queen

Dough Queen was started because of my eldest daughter. She loved play dough at preschool and that reminded me how much I had enjoyed it. However, she was also very good at putting everything into her mouth (as most toddlers do). So I went in search of my Mum’s homemade recipe to ensure I knew exactly what she was playing with.

As parents we are expected to have a never-ending list of skills and attributes; from a boundless supply of patience, to expert culinary skills and a plethora of creative and educational activities on hand.

Dough Queen Play Dough is as you would make at home – fresh, non-toxic with food grade ingredients. We’ve just done all the work for you. So, take an item off your to-do list and let us give you a hand

We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoy making it.

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